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The Best Condominium Contractors in Miami

by Editorial Staff • October 21, 2019

The urban center of Miami is experiencing explosive population growth, and the need for quality housing has never been higher. Condos are an attractive choice for many Miami residents; singles, couples, and even families are looking for condominiums. So the need for contractors who are experts in building and renovating condos is palpable. The following […]

The Best Concrete Waterproofing and Remediation Contractors in Miami

by Editorial Staff • October 15, 2019

Living in Miami is probably about as close to living in paradise as you’re going to get in this lifetime. But as beautiful as it is, South Florida homeowners have a common problem: the constant presence of moisture in their homes. Humidity levels are high all year, and residents are faced with the almost constant […]

The Best Hospitality and Hotel Contractors in Miami

by Editorial Staff • August 2, 2019

Famous for its beaches, shopping, and nightlife, the city of Miami is a prime worldwide vacation destination. The city was visited by 15.9 million people in 2017, spending $26 billion in the area. These numbers are expected to grow, as more tourists flock to Miami. This flourishing industry means a greater demand for new hotels, […]

The Best Custom Home Builders & Design-Build Firms in Miami

by Jack Cookson • February 7, 2018
In Miami, where the architectural landscape is always evolving, these design-build firms are powerful influencers that can do it all. We did our research and compiled this list of heavy hitters. These firms have diverse portfolios that display and accentuate Miami’s stunning landscape and vibrant culture.
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