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The Best Restaurant Architects in Miami

by Jack Cookson • September 27, 2017

In a word, Miami’s restaurant scene is vibrant, and the band of architects behind it is just as diverse as the eateries themselves. Alongside changing menus, diners also expect a restaurant’s atmosphere to enhance the dining experience. Each architectural firm

The Best Commercial Contractors in Miami, Florida

by Editorial Staff • August 12, 2021

Known for having one of the most striking skylines in the US as well as its picturesque beaches, Miami is considered a leader in finance, commerce, culture, and the arts. Greater Downtown Miami is home to one of the largest

The Best Office Interior and Tenant Improvement Contractors in Miami

by Editorial Staff • March 11, 2021

Dubbed the Magic City due to its astonishing growth, Miami’s economy and its environment have made the city one of the most sought-after places to do business. Both multinationals and local businesses have found comfort and ease in the warm

The Best Residential Architects and Designers in Miami

by Jack Cookson • February 7, 2018

Miami is a melting pot of the diverse architectural styles it has adopted through the years. The beautiful city proudly displays Spanish Colonial and Mediterranean-style villas, palatial estates for the East Coast’s elite, as well as modern homes adapted for …

The Best Office Architects in Miami

by Jack Cookson • September 27, 2017

Miami’s office spaces are as fun and unique as the lively city. Though these environments are meant as a professional zone, its architects are at play: each design is an experiment in efficiency, aesthetics, and balance. While some companies require

The Best Commercial Architects in Miami

by Jack Cookson • September 27, 2017

Miami is undeniably one of the prime vacation spots on the east coast—it presents visitors with sights from iconic lifeguard stations to its eclectic collection of architectural buildings. Its crystalline shoreline is dotted with opulent hotels and resorts. Urban

The Best Multifamily Contractors in Miami

by Editorial Staff • October 21, 2019

Miami is vibrant, Miami is multicultural, Miami is warm, Miami is historic, Miami is sultry at night, Miami is beautiful in the sunshine. Who wouldn’t want to visit? For that matter, who could resist the urge to live here after

The Best Hospitality and Hotel Contractors in Miami

by Editorial Staff • August 2, 2019

Famous for its beaches, shopping, and nightlife, the city of Miami is a prime worldwide vacation destination. The city was visited by 15.9 million people in 2017, spending $26 billion in the area. These numbers are expected to grow, as …

The Best Concrete Waterproofing and Remediation Contractors in Miami

by Editorial Staff • October 15, 2019

Living in Miami is probably about as close to living in paradise as you’re going to get in this lifetime. But as beautiful as it is, South Florida homeowners have a common problem: the constant presence of moisture in their

The Best Condominium Contractors in Miami

by Editorial Staff • October 21, 2019

The urban center of Miami is experiencing explosive population growth, and the need for quality housing has never been higher. Condos are an attractive choice for many Miami residents; singles, couples, and even families are looking for condominiums. So the

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