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The Best Residential Architects and Designers in Miami

by Jack Cookson • February 7, 2018
Miami is a true fusion of architectural styles. It’s home to Spanish Colonial and Mediterranean-style villas, luxe mansions for the East Coast’s uber-rich, as well as high modern homes adapted for the sunny, sometimes sweltering, environment. In fact, an entire offshoot of Modernist architecture originates in Miami; MiMo is defined by the addition of extravagance and glamour to otherwise restrained and minimalist Modern builds—very Miami indeed. Here are the architects who are pushing the envelope and defining and re-defining the Miami residential scene.
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The Best Commercial Architects in Miami

by Jack Cookson • September 27, 2017
There’s no doubt about it—Miami is a prime vacation spot. Expansive, luxurious hotels and resorts dot its crystalline shoreline. Urban centers, like Downtown Miami and neighborhoods like Brickell, compete for airtime as developers reach for soaring new heights with commercial, residential, and mixed-use highrises. Multi-billion dollar stadiums and entertainment districts are also currently underway. The reputable architects behind the biggest and most expensive of these projects are ranked below.
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The Best Office Architects in Miami

by Jack Cookson • September 27, 2017
Miami’s office spaces are as unique as the companies that inhabit them. Though these environments are for working, their architects are at play: each design is an experiment in efficiency, aesthetics, and balance. While some companies require straightforward, straight-lined designs, others leave room for artistic interpretation. Firms like Perkins & Will and GliddenSpina err on the side of traditional Miami style; groups like Oppenheim Architecture and Wannemacher Jensen Architects tend to venture further outside the box.
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The Best Restaurant Architects in Miami

by Jack Cookson • September 27, 2017
In a word, Miami’s restaurant scene is vibrant, and the band of architects behind it is just as diverse as the eateries themselves. Each firm has its own MO. Edge of Architecture, Inc., tries to find a story in every project, while Zyscovich Architects is trying to build projects that have purpose and meaning. But most of Miami’s restaurant designers share a common goal: to create structures that are representative of a lively, colorful Miami.
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