The Best Restaurant Architects in Miami

by Jack Cookson • September 27, 2017

The beach is the first thing that springs to mind when you hear “Miami.” A gleaming ocean, golden dunes, tanned tourists, celebrity-filled hotels, and never-ending nightlife: the visuals are appealing, and reality only outdoes the fantasy. Miami offers more than

The Best Residential Architects and Designers in Miami

by Jack Cookson • February 7, 2018

Miami is a melting pot of the diverse architectural styles it has adopted through the years. The beautiful city proudly displays Spanish Colonial and Mediterranean-style villas, palatial estates for the East Coast’s elite, as well as modern homes adapted for …

The Best Office Architects in Miami

by Jack Cookson • September 27, 2017

Miami’s office spaces are as fun and unique as the lively city. Though these environments are meant as a professional zone, its architects are at play: each design is an experiment in efficiency, aesthetics, and balance. While some companies require

The Best Commercial Architects in Miami

by Jack Cookson • September 27, 2017

Miami is undeniably one of the prime vacation spots on the east coast—it presents visitors with sights from iconic lifeguard stations to its eclectic collection of architectural buildings. Its crystalline shoreline is dotted with opulent hotels and resorts. Urban

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