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The Best Interior Designers in Miami, Florida

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The facts and figures suggest that Miami is one of the most exciting American cities to live in. The city is near picturesque beaches and is the center for upscale, upbeat urban life. Everyday Miami life is filled with art deco buildings, celebrity-chef-run restaurants, and an eclectic mix of people from around the world.

One of the challenges that arise in moving to the city is the complexity of the local residential design scene. Miami has unique, historical ties with the art deco style; at the same time, it has been a robust stomping ground for the Contemporary, Modern, and Coastal home styles. Residents and those looking forward to moving to Miami should hire professional interior designers to ensure that the quality of output produced will match the high standards set. Our editorial has listed 15 of Miami’s best interior designers. Our editorial team has curated this shortlist of local interior designers based on a set of criteria that considered each firm’s work history, work capacity, awards, accolades, and overall quality.

2id Interiors

801 N Federal Hwy., Ste. #214-215. Hallandale, FL 33009

2id Interiors is a boutique interior design firm operating all over South Florida. The firm also has projects around the country, in Canada, Brazil, and around Europe. Rafael Simoes and Laila Colvin serve as principals for 2id. Simoes studied Architecture in Brazil and rendered works all over Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and the US. Colvin has worked with international brands such as The Gap, Nordstroms, and Victoria’s Secret. Along with them are a studded team of interior designers experienced in commercial and residential interior design. 

The firm has extensive experience in luxury projects as seen in publications Decor, Luxe, South Florida Luxury, and Art Decor. The Golden Isles, a chic and stylish Contemporary home, is one of 2id’s most outstanding projects. The interior design of the home involves the integration of neutral and Earth tones that creates a balance between luxury and comfort. The design elements include a lot of sharp and minimal furniture, wooden wall art, and distinctly minimalist furnishing. 

B+G Design

1040 Biscayne Blvd., Ste. #2202, Miami, FL 33132

B+G Design is an award-winning Miami-based interior design firm led by husband and wife team of Brett Sugerman and Giselle Loor Sugerman. The firm has built a reputation for its expertise in innovative design techniques and ground-up architectural design. B+G has received major awards such as the Design Center of the Americas (DCOTA) Stars of Design Awards and the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Design Excellence Award. Top publications, including Architectural Digest, Indulge, Modern Luxury Miami, and Luxe have taken an interest in the firm’s works.

The B+G portfolio has a distinctive luxurious aesthetic that runs in major home styles. At this oceanside residence at Porsche Design Tower, the firm incorporated sleek and modern architectural details. Contemporary furniture and accessories subtly play to the automotive theme through geometric silhouettes, slicks surfaces and luxurious textures.

Britto Charette

310 NW 26th St., Miami, FL 33127

Britto Charette is a licensed and award-winning interior design firm that specializes in ultra-luxury residential interiors.  From their studio in Wynwood, Miami’s world-renowned neighborhood, founders Jay Britto and David Charette work  alongside fellow principal Pedro Cabas and their team to create custom furniture, accessories, and turnkey interior  designs for their global clientele. The designers are adept at handling complex design challenges and pride  themselves on working collaboratively to provide their clients with a comprehensive and unsurpassed design experience.

Photo by Kris Tamburello | @kris_tamburello

Winners of Interior Design magazine’s Best of Year award for their handcrafted accessories, Britto Charette has also received other honors including an Architecture Masterprize honorable mention, Ocean Home magazine’s Top Interior Designer award, and the Baltus Icon Award.

The Britto Charette portfolio is a sophisticated collection of sleek, well-considered design. The featured project is a  home located at the Portofino Tower in South Beach. Contemporary design elements that are the hallmark of Britto  Charette interiors abound, including nods to the Art Deco neighborhood and the use of materials such as polished  furnishings and glass.

Chelsea Design

7255 NE 4th Ave., Ste. #115 Miami, FL 33138

Serving Florida and the Bahamas, Chelsea Design is an award-winning interior design studio known for its hands-on approach to interior design and responsive customer service. The firm was founded in 2006 by the duo of Regina Agro and Samantha McKenna. Prior to the establishment of Chelsea, Agro was the Vice President of one of the nation’s premier package design firms and McKenna studied her trade in London prior to moving to New York. McKenna then worked as a movie set designer before moving to South Florida. The interesting backgrounds of these two leaders give the firm a different perspective on the interior design scene. Chelsea’s customer service approach generates an impressive return rate. 90% of the firm’s clients are either repeat clients or referral clients. 

The firm’s portfolio showcases the firm’s works in the Bahamas and Florida. These projects take direct inspiration from the coastal environment of the two areas. Chelsea has a good eye for Modern and Contemporary design details. The Hollywood Intercoastal—shown in the photo—blends art and practical living as the design makes a case for open floor plans and high ceilings. 

Darla Powell Interiors

9100 S Dadeland Blvd., Ste. #1500, Miami, FL 33156

Darla Powell Interiors is one of the most exciting interior design firms established in Miami in recent years. The firm is the extension of Darla Powell’s professional career and life-long love for design. Powell began her love for interior design while spending time at her grandmother’s antique store, mixing and matching pieces. For about 20 years, Powell served as a Detective Sergeant in Miami. Today she leverages the virtues of integrity, accountability, and ready-for-anything-ness she acquired from the Miami Police Department. Powell’s unique background and perspective inform her well-received residential projects. Her story has been featured in Architectural Digest Pro, Designers Today, and Voyage MIA

The project in the photo is a Transitional home in Coral Gables. The home has an intuitive design that blends hospitality and luxuriousness. Neutral tones match the eclectic furniture choices and works of art put together by Powell and her team. The result is a cozy, comfortable home right at the heart of Miami.

DiMare Design

1835 NE Miami Gardens Dr., N Miami Beach, FL 33179

With a mission to provide luxury design interiors with vegan considerations, Deborah DiMare established DiMare Design. The firm believes in cruelty-free design and sustainable material sourcing. Doing so serves as the foundation of wellness and sensory environments that the brand abides by. Deborah DiMare understands the design elements of textures, colors, and even scent. Deborah has been featured on TLC, on NBC’s The Today Show, and publications including LA Times, Forbes, Hollywood Reporter, Dezeen, and Refinery. This studded list of features vouches for DiMare’s vision and masterful execution. 

The firm has completed projects all over South Florida, nationally, and internationally, projects such as this beachfront Miami condo at the Trump Hollywood building. The condo unit features the strong use of metal artworks, furniture, and finishing. This unique palette sets a tone for the chic, posh atmosphere fitting of a beachfront residence. 

DKOR Interiors

2079 NE 155th St., N Miami, FL 33162

Founded in 2004, DKOR Interiors is a purveyor of innovative interior design solutions in North Miami and throughout South Florida. DKOR is the product of Ivonne Ronderos, an interior design veteran and seasoned entrepreneur. Ronderos came from a family of entrepreneurs, giving her a panoramic view of the Florida business scene. Under her leadership, DKOR has garnered multiple awards and accolades including Ocean Home Magazine’s Top 50 Coastal Interior Designers list in 2020 and the Luxe gold list in 2019. 

The firm has a solid understanding of what each client needs and what home style fits these projects best. DKOR is capable of sharp Contemporary home projects, Transitional homes, and Modern mansions. The Oceanfront home featured in the photo is a 10,000-square-foot Fort Lauderdale home that includes five bedrooms and eight baths. The home has a tasteful collection of Mondrian and Warhol artworks that go perfectly with the white and black tones of the home.

Guimar Urbina Interiors

444 Brickell Ave., Ste. #805, Miami, FL 33131

Guimar Urbina is a distinguished interior designer in South Florida, equipped with experience in Interior Design and Fashion Merchandising. Urbina originally came from Venezuela but she has been a Miami resident for over two decades. The firm has completed projects all over the world, and their most recent works have been featured in Brussels. Urbina and her team of industry professionals have not only participated in international exhibitions but also been featured in a number of media features including South Florida Luxury, Haven, and Modern Luxury Interiors. Guimar and her work also had the opportunity to be featured in the HGTV channel.

The firm’s portfolio is a testament to Guimar Urbina’s strong sense of design and strong workmanship. This Paramount Downtown home is a great example of Urbina’s keen eye and bold taste. The interior design shows deep contrast between black and neutral tones that give an air of elegance without undercutting practicality.

MS2 Design Studio

3470 E Coast Ave., Ste. #2203, Miami, FL 33137

Since 1998, MS2 Design Studio has been a name synonymous with modern, luxurious homes. Michael Scigliano, an industry veteran of over 20 years, serves as company principal. MS2 was originally established in New York City but later moved to its present site in Miami. The firm is also capable of built-in cabinetry, project management, wall and floor coverings, lighting systems, and custom furniture design. Publications Miami Magazine, Modern Luxury Interiors, and Luxe take interest in the firm’s work and background.

The firm’s portfolio consists of posh Contemporary and Modern homes designed with the utmost care and stylish accouterments and finishing touches. The Miami home in the photo, for example, speaks for the firm’s taste and unwavering style.

Natalia Neverko Design

175 SW 7th St., Ste. #1900 Miami, FL 33130

Natalia Neverko Design is a high-end, full-service interior design firm that has been operating in Miami for over 15 years. Company principal and namesake Natalia Neverko has been in the architecture and interior design business for decades. She decided to be an architect and interior designer at the tender age of ten. She went to art school to study the history of art, painting, and sculpture, then she attended design school to study interior design. She has worked for companies in Poland, Italy, and Finland, where she developed her taste and technical understanding of the craft. Neverko has won major awards including the TULIKIVI competition award in Helsinki, Finland. 

The firm’s competition-winning portfolio includes projects in various styles from Mid Century, Modern, and Transitional projects. The home dubbed the Brickell Style in Miami—featured in the photo—is an interesting project that showcases Neverko’s international taste palette and wide knowledge of style.

Pepe Calderin Design

8230 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33138

With offices in New York and Miami, Pepe Calderin Design offers high-end residential and commercial interior design for over 20 years. The firm is well-decorated, it has won the 2019 Gold and Silver Muse Design Awards as well as other design awards. Pepe Calderin is a prominent design figure that promotes an energetic, dynamic outlook on design that provides plenty of room for innovation and visionary design elements.

The Pepe Calderin portfolio includes chic interior design projects such as this 3,500-square-foot apartment in Manhattan. The home has a good selection of materials and layout, using rare minerals such as onyx. This apartment has a tranquil atmosphere despite being at the center of the hustle and bustle of the city, thanks to the smart use of color and comfortable furniture sets. 

Pfuner Design

990 Biscayne Blvd., Office 503 Miami, FL 33132

Renata Pfuner is a 2015 ASID Design Excellence Award recipient and a well-respected interior designer serving Miami. She was born and raised in Europe, which created a natural upbringing of classical taste and progressive design techniques. Pfuner’s rich design palette is matched by a high level of training from Miami International University, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Her impeccable taste for interior design elements led to major projects including a Modern Miami home with a zen garden in the middle. The home’s interior was built around the central outdoor courtyard, organically creating an atmosphere of calm. The zen of the space is matched by upscale fixtures, furniture, and furnishings that make the home feel personalized. 

SDH Studio

18200 NE 19th Ave., Ste. #100. N Miami Beach, FL 33162

Under the tutelage of Stephanie Halfen, summa cum laude of Universidad Simon Bolivar’s Architecture program and alumnus of Parsons Interior Design program, SDH Studio has crafted outstanding residential interior projects all over Miami and the Caribbean. SDH has focused on high-end custom home interiors but has experience working with offices, restaurants, and retail spaces. The firm has devised an ingenious design process that integrates art systems and design technologies. In doing so they have attracted forward-thinking clients impassioned by beauty and functionality. SDH also has a well-received customer service that helps retain and repeat clients. 

The SDH portfolio has a strong combination of architecture, interior design, and master planning projects. In terms of interior design works, the firm has countless Contemporary and Modern homes that have a feel of luxury, function, and comfort. A rare combination in this industry.