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The Best Restaurant Contractors in Miami

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Miami is not just a coastal city known for its views and natural spots; rather, it’s an oasis that is home to beautiful, white-sand beaches, warm weather, and a beautiful skyline among other things. Miami is also known as one of the leading centers of the finance, trade, and commerce industries, which gives it a booming economy and a bustling lifestyle. With all these aspects and features combined, it’s no wonder that Miami is considered one of the most popular destination spots in the country.

What goes well with fully appreciating the wonders, nightlife, and immaculate outlook is the incredible food scene Miami has to offer. From its cultural soul food places to iconic fast food establishments, the city has a wide range of options to choose from. Tourists and locals indulge in these culinary features, which is why a lot of companies take advantage of the high demand. Smart businesses know that reaching consumers isn’t just about getting a spot in a popular spot and calling it a day. It’s about choosing the right theme, details, and other factors that contribute to how well an establishment functions. Given in this list are the best restaurant contractors in Miami, Florida, to assist interested companies in setting up their restaurants or eateries. They have been chosen based on their background, years in business, expertise, principals, and awards.

ORIGIN Construction

7430 NE 4th Ct., Miami, FL 33138

What separates ORIGIN Construction from the other firms is its effective application of technology in all of its services. As such, it is able to deliver the highest quality projects through its practical skills and technological proficiency. It has been operating for over two decades and has since formed a large client base both in and out of the country. It was co-founded by a specialized team that has worked on projects for some of Florida’s best-known brands and staples.

ORIGIN Construction is one of the premier contractors in the state. It has several certifications, such as ABC (Florida East Coast Chapter and Central Florida), CREW Orlando, OSHA, and is a LEED AP. It has also been featured in multiple publications, including the South Florida Business Journal, Orlando Sentinel, and Florida Construction News, among others.

The Concrete Beach Brewery is an example of a result of ORIGIN’s great feats. This project features elements that have the functionalities of a sit-in restaurant and a bar. It has ample space for both interior and exterior dining. It has a great design theme with an industrialized style on the inside and a more tropical vibe on the outside. It also has the machinery and tools needed for a brewery and has a separate adjacent space for that purpose.

Shawmut Design and Construction

10800 Biscayne Blvd., Suite #1000, Miami, FL 33161

Shawmut Design and Construction boasts status as a successful contractor that it owes to its members. What makes them special isn’t their high qualifications and experience, but rather their commitment to the firm and its goal of creating the best spaces. It is a nationally renowned firm that has offices across several states so that it can work in cities all over the United States. For over 40 years, it has provided a plethora of services with maximized value, from pre-construction to post-construction services.

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Le Jardinier features a heartfelt tribute to the amazing, late French chef of the same name. This sophisticated project integrates various themes to provide varying atmospheres while dining. It includes an elegant, modern style with a black-and-white scheme in some areas, including the bar and lobby area, a simple yet chic outdoor area, and a more intimate approach in its restaurant domain with its deep red lighting and French details. It also has Spanish and Japanese influences throughout the areas, such as the sushi bar and counters.

RCC Associates

255 Jim Moran Blvd., Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

RCC Associates is one of South Florida’s pioneer contractors. Although it is primarily centered in the state, it has services and accomplished projects throughout the entire nation. The company has a successful business with its repeat clients and referrals due to its unparalleled performance in general contracting which it has honed over its 51 years of service. It is licensed in 33 states, which gives it the broad knowledge base needed for a variety of projects for equally valuable clients. It has been certified by the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce.

Featured is COTE, an upscale restaurant for affluent users. To keep up with the luxurious demands of customers, the firm added premium elements and a lavish design to pique their interest. It has a beautiful lighting system with different colors that go well with the materials and details that occupy the space. These combined elements add depth to the restaurant as well as enhance the Korean roots that serve as its foundation. It has a bar, a lobby, and private rooms for more confidential matters.

Brodson Construction

120 NE 27th St., Suite #500, Miami, FL 33137

Through its extensive services and immediate project management, Brodson Construction is able to meet its clients’ needs. It offers pre-construction, construction management, interior, and new construction for interested clients. With a passion for client satisfaction, Brodson Construction always ensures its clients that it delivers 101% of its capabilities while utilizing the best strategies and highest quality resources that are available in the market. With the firm, clients can rest assured that their projects will go from a simple building to memorable space. The firm has been mentioned in some publications, which include, but are not limited to, the South Florida Business Journal, News Break, and The Real Deal.

Hutong is a relatively large restaurant tailored specifically for the award-winning client of the same name. The place seamlessly combines the beauty of the Chinese themes with the modern style of Miami to provide a space with airiness and exquisiteness. Some notable features include well-crafted wood entryways and stone masonry found throughout the space. The assembled panels also add more details and textures while containing the design to avoid overwhelming clusters.

Cuesta Construction

1414 NW 107th Ave., Suite #401, Miami, FL 33172

Cuesta Construction is a multi-award-winning firm with multiple accolades that strengthen its prowess and capability as a contractor. The firm’s use of innovative solutions that result in effective functionalities, long-lasting quality, and beautiful designs allows it to earn respectable honors. The firm is a leading contractor that has garnered awards, including an Eagle Award, Excellence in Construction Awards, and a General Contractor of the Year Award. The incredible synergy of its three principals, the Cuesta brothers, Michael, William, and George, has paved the way for its great feats.

Barton G is a premium establishment that underwent an amazing renovation service executed thoroughly by the firm. From what was initially a neglected, historic space, Cuesta Construction was able to transform it into a reinvigorated restaurant with high-end finishes, fully functional utility systems, and well-managed spaces to maximize users and their comfort. Other custom touches were also done to further uplift the makeup of the upscale eatery. The exterior displays a Mediterranean theme, while the interior features a much more transitional approach.

City Construction Group

2727 SW 26th Ave., Coconut Grove, FL 33133

John Roettger has always had a passion for serving people through the construction industry. And in 1996, he was able to live out that passion after establishing his own firm, City Construction Group. The firm and its team share John’s passion and abide by the work principles of exemplary performance and two-way trust. It is a full-service general contractor and provides competitive pricing for all its services. It is known for its unwavering project management despite uncooperative schedules.

The Key Club is a charming establishment that has influences that date back to the 1960s. This restaurant was set to synergize with the atmosphere of the neighborhood it is built on— Coconut Grove. With a warm feeling and a hospitable community, the space induces a welcoming effect on people within the area. Its key design themes come from Brazilian roots, which include tile tables, custom-woven shades, Brazilian quartzite elements, and a huge island bar. It also has additional amenities throughout the building for the full user experience.

Shorecrest Construction

48 NW 25th St., Suite #105, Miami, FL 33127

Shorecrest Construction is defined by its amazing contracting services that lead to results extending beyond the projects and reaching the relationships it has with its clients. Its team consists of craftsmen that not only build buildings but also have deep relationships with their clients. It takes pride in assuring clients that any concept they can visualize in their desired projects can be made a reality.

Its services include general contracting, ground-up construction, interior or a complete renovation, and repair, among other disciplines. Through these services, it has earned accreditations such as the Greater Miami and the Beaches Hotel Association, Florida Atlantic Building Association, and NAHB.

Bagatelle Miami Restaurant houses a beautiful configuration of decor and utilities. Despite the clustered seats and tables within a compact area, the restaurant offers a balanced use of space to provide just the right amount of personal space. Because of how close the arrangement is, users can enjoy an intimate setting while dining in. This atmosphere is strengthened by the lighting system, comfortable furniture, and private establishment appeal.

Golden Sands General Contractors

800 South Douglas Rd., Suite #790, Miami, FL 33134

As a firm with over 34 years of service, Golden Sands General Contractors has marked its place as one of the best contractors in the state. During its history, it has displayed a steady pace of development and service and has shown incredible consistency in project outputs. It also invests in the latest technology to support its practical services, leading to high-quality spaces that are found in its portfolio. Publications such as Levelset, South Florida Business Journal, and Orlando Business Journal have included the firm in the spotlight because of its efforts in the industry.

The Hyde Lounge & Kitchen is the result of an amazing concept for the innovation of a locker room. American Airlines Arena, one of South Florida’s most prominent showplaces, asked the firm to convert a WNBA locker room into a fresh entertainment establishment. Golden Sands, given its reputation as a consistent firm, was able to deliver a unique nightclub that users could immerse themselves in before, during, and after each game. It is a vibrant space with a chic theme, inviting elements, and various facilities geared toward a high-end feel. It has several bars, a lounge, and other venues, such as a kitchen and restaurant.

Vercetti Enterprises

7296 SW 48th St., Miami, FL 33155

Vercetti Enterprises is known for its capabilities as a flexible contractor. As a general contractor based in South Florida, the firm knows the ins and outs of construction within the state as well as its trends and is, therefore, able to employ well-rounded solutions and services that cater to each client’s needs. Despite having varied expertise, however, the firm still has adept mastery and equal priority over its handled projects, regardless of client, size, complexity, or market sector. It has been certified by the South Florida Chapter CSI and is a LEED AP.

Featured here is Meet Dalia, an eatery situated in Miami Beach. As a thriving restaurant in an island city, the project needed to have a great design while considering practicality. The firm was able to balance the two key details by providing a large establishment that could house multiple users without sacrificing breathing space, as well as a fitting theme akin to a coastal style. The renovation, among other services for the exterior and interior areas, resulted in a picturesque restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining.

Dade Construction

12240 SW 131 Ave., Miami, FL 33186

Dade Construction is a community-centered firm that aims to elevate the experiences of users. Acting as a dependable figure in the community, it seeks to enhance and assist its clients through the spaces it creates. That being said, it offers high-quality jobs at a low price while also providing workarounds on schedules to highlight client convenience and return. Dade Construction’s mark continues to be imprinted on the buildings it accomplishes throughout South Florida.

Included is Vacillate Wine, a mixed retail space, and a restaurant in one space. The firm added new functionalities to support the reconfigured establishment, including a bar and the necessary dining elements. It also has additional features for enjoyment, including a freedom wall that partially runs along the length of the interior. It has custom millwork, upgraded surfaces, and a redesign to fit the new space’s purpose. The project was finished under the client’s budget and within the allotted time frame.


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